Who slept with who on the1st night of Design Star? Episode 1

Britany and I after completing our first challenge.

Well let me start off by saying that being a finalist on Design Star is much harder than it appears on tv. I have a new found respect for anyone who competes in a reality tv show as there are many factors that the general public just isn’t previa to.  Now with that being said lets jump right in. Day 1 was so exciting!!!!! When I arrived to the house I was sizing up all of the other designers, trying to see who would pose the greatest threat. Additionally, I was trying to see who was the most stylish of the group in hopes that if I needed to pick a partner that I would at least have something to base things off. Oddly enough, Britany and I had given each other a quick glance and instantly became friends without even saying a word. This is why you see us so excited when we got in the house and find out that we were partners. We get start and Britany begins sketching out the room while I began to thumb through the paint swatches. So lets address the scene when David Bromstad tries to call me out on the paint….So here it goes.  I initially selected a rich color blue that I thought would go nicely with the wood tones in room. I have used a similar blue in several of my set designs and know how well it pops on camera.  Britany said she liked the color but ask if we could go up one color on the swatch to make it a little darker. Sure..no problem. Britany and I had been working well up into this point and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Colors have to be drastically different for you to really see the differnce on camera, so I wasn’t concerned about the slight change. With the colored decided, Britany continued to sketch out her wall feature. If you look closely, she begins to draw a rectangular design on her pad.

Britany’s sketch of her wall feature.

Well unfortunately, you don’t get to see me suggest that we use squares to mimic the design of the built-in bookcase surrounding the fireplace. I also told her that rectangles would only allow us to have (2) rows of graphics because they are wider and the squares would have a greater visual impact. So, you can imagine how shocked I was when Britany got credit for the paint because she made a suggestion. So, should I get credit for the wall because I made a suggestion as well? No, it was her initial idea and I didn’t want the credit. It wasn’t fair but I wasn’t quick enough on my toes to have that response.  We were working so well and I didn’t want to cause any drama on day 1 so I left it alone and learned from that experience.  Britany and I got along just fine and didn’t let that small situation interrupt our harmonious relationship! As soon as David left, I told Britany that I needed to go shopping while she stayed behind to finish working on the room. The next day I spent shopping for more vintage inspired items that spoke to my design style. But, once again all you get to see is me shopping for the ottoman. I wish my 3 days of work were that easy but you missed me choosing the white ballon chair, pink side table (that I painted and distressed), vintage street light and bell jars that flank the fire place, antiqued mirror,  and a nice amount of the accessories that were on the built-in as well as several pillows.

The complete view of Mikel And Britany’s room design.

Shopping trips were extermely hard. As you see on tv, we are shopping in groups. So you can imagine what it is like trying to shop with several other designers who all have different design styles. Not to mention, we are in a foreign city and have to shop in stores that we are unfamiliar with and contend with LA traffic. I think I was lucky if I could get to 3 stores in a day.  Overall I was pleased with the room and Britany and I worked together very harmoniously. What you also didn’t get to see is our 1st camera challenge. I nailed that camera challenge because I was practicing all day. I even sat down with Britany to go over her camera challenge and help her out.

Mikel Welch performing his first camera challenge.

The first elimination was brutal. We sat in that room for a long time while the panel analyzed every (and I mean every) piece in the room. Finally, they announced that Britany and I as well as Jordan and Miera were safe. I was so relieved, nobody wants to be labeled as the first to go home. When Yuki came in the room, reality set in. This is a competition and every week somebody was really going home and not coming back! So, the “safe” feeling you have immediateldy goes away because you knew that another challenge was just around the corner. Now as many of you saw, there were only 8 beds that we were responsible for designing around. There were additional rollaway beds that were brought in to accomodate everyone. In the infamous “Passionate Plumb Bedroom,”  Hilari, Danielle, Miera and Bex were housed together. Rachel and Brittany slept in the room designed by (Jordan and Miera); Kris, Jordan and I had the pleasure of sleeping in the room that (Britany and I) designed****side note**** Kris is actually really nice in person and we got along just fine. Finally Luca and Stanley slept in an off camera bedroom that wasn’t decorated.  Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. If your in NYC, come out and watch me working with power tools. Now this should be interesting……#idontdothis


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